Trust Administration

Once the Grantor (individual(s) that created a Trust) dies, then the trust agreement becomes Irrevocable, and the trust administration process begins and ultimately, trust asset distribution for the Trust beneficiaries.

Who Is a Trustee

The person entrusted with the responsibilities and management of the trust assets is called a Trustee. The Trustee holds a very important position, one of fiduciary capacity, which means the trust creator has entrusted you with safekeeping and investment management of the Trust funds. Ultimately, if you do not carry out your fiduciary duties under the law and according to the trust agreement, you may be held personally liable and sued.

That’s why it’s so crucial to hire our firm to represent you for your own protection as a trustee and proper advice on your role and duties as a trustee.


A Trustee’s Roles & Responsibilities

In general, a trustee has a fiduciary duty to administer the trust solely in the interest of the beneficiaries and to deal with them impartially.

Additionally, the trustee cannot use any of the trust property for their own profit or any purpose not expressly listed in the trust. The trustee also cannot enter into any transaction that would create a conflict of interest between the trustee and the trust or a trust beneficiary.

Rest assured that you are not alone in your role as trustee. Our firm is experienced and knowledgeable and ready to assist you in competently accomplishing the steps involved in administering the trust agreement.

Important Steps of Trust Administration


Locate estate planning documents


Collect other important documents such as insurance policies, real estate deeds, car titles, bank and investment account statements, and tax returns


Determine whether there are any debts to be paid


Provide Notice to beneficiaries


Prepare property valuations and appraisals


File all the necessary tax returns and pay any taxes due


Maintain the trust accounting, which the Trust beneficiaries are entitled to


Prepare deeds and other transfer documents to beneficiaries, restructure assets for equalization of distribution, and oversee real estate transactions


Establish subtrusts for beneficiaries such as lifetime asset protection trusts and special needs trusts, and trustee advisement in the ongoing administration thereof

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tim flynn
I was looking to do a will so I googled for a business close to me in Sunnyvale. Julie Sowards popped up and had a lot of positive 5 star reviews. Made my appointment and saw her. After some discussion on what a will and living trust is and does I went home with a pamphlet and read up on it. I did the trust and would recommend any one trying to decide to go see her. Glad I did. Thanks Julie! 👍
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Andy B
Julie helped my wife and I secure our future with a Living Trust as well as a Post-Nuptial agreement. Julie was thoughtful and thorough in gaining an understanding of our specific needs and interests; was effective at translating complex legal-ese into something we understood; and was prompt and efficient in providing the final product. Kelsey supported this process as a legal assistant and was proactively communicative; ensured we had all necessary files, forms, and ephemera necessary to successfully complete what would otherwise be a confusing process. They are an great team and are highly recommended.
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